3 tips to make your cover letter stand out

Writing a catchy cover letter is an art in itself. At school I received training on writing letters. At the time, I am sure my teacher could not have imagined that Facebook updates, Linkedin job discussions and Twitter messaging would nearly take over letter writing…. Well almost…. becuase the letter still plays a vital part […]

How do you anchor your career?

I frequently hear my clients say during a career coaching consultation: ‘I really should be pursuing this goal, but for some reason I am not and I am wondering why.’ Finding the answer to this question is usually the reason why they decided to get in touch. Sometimes it feels as if the real reasons […]

When do you experience flow?

These days you see it everywhere. Shops, books and yoga studios – many carry a title including the word ‘Flow’. I find it a fascinating concept. It regularly passes the table in my conversations with HR managers and other professionals. We explore it and ask ourselves what it is and when you experience it. What […]

What’s changed in the new LinkedIn lay out?

During the summer the lay out of your LinkedIn home and profile page has changed. At the end of the year the company pages are expected to be updated too. In this article you’ll find an overview of the main changes. On the home page the most relevant updates are listed at the top. This […]

[This article has been written by AmsterdamTips.com] The sun is shining and summer has finally arrived in the Netherlands after a long winter and rainy spring. Now is a good moment to take a step back from your career and recharge! A great time to head to Amsterdam  – here are 7 relaxing things to […]

It is about time.

It started with a couple of sentences from a wonderful poem. “Time – it is strange, it is strangely beautiful to never know what it is” * Once someone started by using a sundial. Deciding on a year, month, day. But does clock time exist? Or is it merely a concept, an idea, and is […]

Different ways of training and development within your organisation. Dare to share.

I believe it is human nature to always want to develop, move forward and grow. Career development is about realising your potential. Becoming aware of the skills you have and developing them further and further throughout your life. This means that it is vital for organisations to incorporate different ways of learning that appeal to […]

How do you make good career choices? From idea to decision.

How does making a decision work? It’s a dynamic processs. There’s constant communication between your conscious and subconscious. You observe and talk. Just letting it go for a moment. Taking your time. The most fascinating part is this. I think I know what I’m thinking but most of my thinking I do subconsciously. Only at […]

Dutch career branch organisation NOLOC recently published the outcomes of a study with the eye-catching title: ‘Employers underestimate the need of their staff for career advice.’ The study had been carried out amongst 890 employers and employees in the Netherlands. 85% of the participating professionals in the survey believed they would be able to maximise […]

Throughout the day our mind flies from one place to the next. Sometimes I get the impression that there is order, but more often than not my thoughts seem a completely random pile of impressions and dilemmas. From time to time a dilemma sticks. Your thoughts seem to move in its direction frequently. You observe […]

A December present. For you.

The other day I was in London. And I saw people running on their way to their next goal. I was on my way to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar. With my mind already focused on getting some lunch, checking in and boarding – and those thoughts gave me a rushed feeling. And then […]

How do you bring focus into your LinkedIn profile?

In my career coaching conversations and career workshops people regularly ask how you can write your CV in such a way that it will be picked from a big pile of applicants. Let’s take a closer look at that. There are many ways to write your CV as a convincing document. In this article I […]

What do you or your organisation believe in? Find your golden circle

When we think about our job or the organisation we work at, we tend to focus on answering ‘what do we do?’ and ‘how shall we do it?’ But what do you or your organisation believe in? What is your goal? Your purpose? People & organisations that have conviction have thought about this. Know what […]

How does work contribute to happiness?

Last May I was pleasantly surprised by the positive message that an impressive 89 percent of the Dutch population indicate that they frequently experience feelings of happiness. This is the conclusion of research by psychologist Ad Bergsma and the Trimbos Institute. Just before summer, when many of us are about to leave to wonderful holiday […]

6 ideas to create more employee engagement

You probably have some highly dedicated employees in your network. Maybe you feel  committed to what you do or you may be searching for a super dedicated colleague. In any case, it is truly enjoyable to work with engaged colleagues or staff. Someone who feels committed to their role and their employer possesses a high […]

Spring c.a.r.e.e.r.c.o.a.c.h.i.n.g

[by Suzanne Heerschop] Alright, here I am. Laptop in front of me, cup of tea within reach, getting ready for the confrontation. A career choice test. All of a sudden I feel like a 15 year old, in the office of my school career advisor. Distant memories of posters with slogans like “A smart young […]

What is career coaching?

Let’s take a look at career coaching and what it is about. To get matters clear it’s good to know that the terms career coaching, counselling and guidance can be used interchangeably. What is coaching? Based on what I know and my own experiences, I come to the following definition: coaching is based on the […]

‘Thinking Forward’ to overcome challenges in NL

You’ve made the decision to move to the Netherlands as a student, job-seeking expat or spouse. Welcome!  Quite a place it is to live, with 16,5 million people of many cultural backgrounds. The Dutch government actively promotes internationalisation. For example, the Huygens Scholarship program aims to attract talented international students to study in NL. The […]

How your personality shapes your career

This week I read about an interesting career development study carried out by the University of Ghent which I am keen to share with you.  For me the most striking outcome was: Not your studies but your character is one of the main factors that determines how your career evolves. Ok, the outcomes may not […]

In the old days applying for a job could just involve just having a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. Your boss-to-be would give you some insight into what the job entails and ask some questions to clarify your background. The main question would be whether you would interested in the role and if […]

Summer time is the time when many of us take a break from our career. We all have a favourite way of spending our holidays; where some of us love relaxing on the beach, others like to spend time on an activity like mountain biking, where others again like to travel to far away destinations. […]

Many times I hear from people that they have the desire to change their career entirely. Do we not all dream at times of starting our own restaurant on the beach, riding horses for a living or making a career out of saving other people’s lives? It is wonderful to fantasise about your dream career […]

I frequently get asked the question what the most effective way of communication is to maintain or expand your network. During a career transition phase, the ultimate goal of networking is orientating yourself on your next career step. In our modern times with professional network sites and e-mail it can be challenging choosing your most […]

Working at Academic Level

One of the conversations I recently had was with a just graduated master’s student. Her dilemma was as follows: after her vocational education she had finished her academical Master. She regarded her choice for a follow up academic master as a clear investment in herself. Her aim was to reap the benefits of this choice […]