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Different ways of training and development within your organisation. Dare to share.

I believe it is human nature to always want to develop, move forward and grow. Career development is about realising your potential. Becoming aware of the skills you have and developing them further and further throughout your life. This means that it is vital for organisations to incorporate different ways of learning that appeal to […]

How do you bring focus into your LinkedIn profile?

In my career coaching conversations and career workshops people regularly ask how you can write your CV in such a way that it will be picked from a big pile of applicants. Let’s take a closer look at that. There are many ways to write your CV as a convincing document. In this article I […]

Networking via e-mail or telephone?

I frequently get asked the question what the most effective way of communication is to maintain or expand your network. During a career transition phase, the ultimate goal of networking is orientating yourself on your next career step. In our modern times with professional network sites and e-mail it can be challenging choosing your most […]