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3 tips to make your cover letter stand out

Writing a catchy cover letter is an art in itself. At school I received training on writing letters. At the time, I am sure my teacher could not have imagined that Facebook updates, Linkedin job discussions and Twitter messaging would nearly take over letter writing…. Well almost…. becuase the letter still plays a vital part […]

How do you anchor your career?

I frequently hear my clients say during a career coaching consultation: ‘I really should be pursuing this goal, but for some reason I am not and I am wondering why.’ Finding the answer to this question is usually the reason why they decided to get in touch. Sometimes it feels as if the real reasons […]

When do you experience flow?

These days you see it everywhere. Shops, books and yoga studios – many carry a title including the word ‘Flow’. I find it a fascinating concept. It regularly passes the table in my conversations with HR managers and other professionals. We explore it and ask ourselves what it is and when you experience it. What […]

What’s changed in the new LinkedIn lay out?

During the summer the lay out of your LinkedIn home and profile page has changed. At the end of the year the company pages are expected to be updated too. In this article you’ll find an overview of the main changes. On the home page the most relevant updates are listed at the top. This […]