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3 tips to make your cover letter stand out

Writing a catchy cover letter is an art in itself. At school I received training on writing letters. At the time, I am sure my teacher could not have imagined that Facebook updates, Linkedin job discussions and Twitter messaging would nearly take over letter writing…. Well almost…. becuase the letter still plays a vital part […]

What do you or your organisation believe in? Find your golden circle

When we think about our job or the organisation we work at, we tend to focus on answering ‘what do we do?’ and ‘how shall we do it?’ But what do you or your organisation believe in? What is your goal? Your purpose? People & organisations that have conviction have thought about this. Know what […]

How does work contribute to happiness?

Last May I was pleasantly surprised by the positive message that an impressive 89 percent of the Dutch population indicate that they frequently experience feelings of happiness. This is the conclusion of research by psychologist Ad Bergsma and the Trimbos Institute. Just before summer, when many of us are about to leave to wonderful holiday […]

Spring c.a.r.e.e.r.c.o.a.c.h.i.n.g

[by Suzanne Heerschop] Alright, here I am. Laptop in front of me, cup of tea within reach, getting ready for the confrontation. A career choice test. All of a sudden I feel like a 15 year old, in the office of my school career advisor. Distant memories of posters with slogans like “A smart young […]

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