It is about time.

It started with a couple of sentences from a wonderful poem.

“Time – it is strange, it is strangely beautiful to
never know what it is” *

Once someone started by using a sundial. Deciding on a year, month, day. But does clock time exist? Or is it merely a concept, an idea, and is time a constant that we experience as passing by because of our temporary existence?

Pondering on this I started seeing my recent experiences in the light of clock time.

Yesterday was the last day of my recruitment assignment at Careers in Holland. With a lot of energy and passion I have worked the past 4 months at creating a pool of qualified and talented engineering and IT professionals. Introducing them to different companies looking for international technical talent operating in (renewable) energy, high tech and R & D.

And now those 4 months are over. Time has come to find a next assignment as interim recruiter.

Or during an introduction meeting with an international professional enquring about Via’s career coaching programs. She said  ‘now I am 30 years and it is time to start following my passions’. The clock time indicating your age and the expectations that come with it.

The calendar tells me that today is July 20th. This means that summer is officially in full swing. But when I look outside I see clouds and the occasional shower. In the Netherlands little has been noticeable of the summer. It is the talk of the day. After all it is July and surely that involves beach weather and eating ice creams? Clock time can raise expectations but does not give any guarantees.

Nevertheless the summer is palpable, noticeable. If only because the pace seems to slow down. It is the perfect moment to go down a gear. Leave the clock time for what it is.

Take your watch off.

Turn your mobile off.

And ask yourself, what am I going to take the time for?

*Quote from poem “Tijd” by Rutger Kopland, Dutch poet who passed away this month.

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