Dutch career branch organisation NOLOC recently published the outcomes of a study with the eye-catching title: ‘Employers underestimate the need of their staff for career advice.’ The study had been carried out amongst 890 employers and employees in the Netherlands.

85% of the participating professionals
in the survey believed they would be able to maximise their potential if receiving good career advice. Conversations with a career coach can create more insights into personal qualities, increase job satisfaction and work towards more clarity on career choices.

A career coaching program stimulates your employees to make conscious and well considered career choices for now and the near future. Good career advice thus contributes to the engagement of your staff within your organisation.

Additionally, career coaching fits well into a policy of sustainable employability. Sustainable employability flourishes in a climate of trust and self guidance. When you as an employer give ownership to your staff, you create space for people to do what they’re good at. This shapes motivated and productive employees and a positive working climate.

In contrast to what is often believed, hiring a career advisor does not automatically cause staff to leave your organisation. A career coaching program often offers the first stimulus for an employee to search within his or her current employer for more responsibility or another project. This is backed up by research by Marijke Verbruggen at Leuven University in Belgium. Since 2005 every worker in Flanders is eligible for external career coaching, which is being paid for by the Flemish government.

In the Netherlands there are already many employers that hire a career consultant proactively, for instance when a career scan is included in a CAO (Collective Bargaining Agreement). However, this is not the case with all employers. That is why NOLOC suggests that employers reserve a career budget, similarly to training budgets.


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