A December present. For you.

The other day I was in London. And I saw people running on their way to their next goal. I was on my way to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar. With my mind already focused on getting some lunch, checking in and boarding – and those thoughts gave me a rushed feeling. And then just before arriving at the station, I read this.

For one reason or the other reading it touched me. Because what I read was so contradictory with what I saw around me. And I wanted to stand still, read it again and let it sink in. But I couldn’t. Because the train was waiting.

In the train I remembered it again. And I felt what I had read. The gift of the moment. The privilege to experience that. But also the word play with ‘present’. That made it sound pleasantly lighthearted.

It’s nice to draw a parallel with developing your career. Or other moments that you’re striving for your goal. It is good to set yourself goals. But how do you experience the time in between? Does that feel like a rush? What would it bring you if you open up to the moments in between?

I think my clients may recognise this. You set yourself the goal of a next career step. You’re prepared to do anything to reach that objective. Because when you’ll arrive… – well, you have positive expectations that things will become better!

So it is about the objective. But more than that. I see it is very much about movement. About the guts to take the first step. And the courage to take another one. And another.

As you set the first step you open up. You say; I want something different! And what that different thing looks like – well, we talk about that. But knowing for sure beforehand what it is going to look like is impossible.

That is why we look at the steps you can take in between. And yes, we keep your ultimate goal in sight. But we do not hold on to it rigidly.

My experience is that when my client adopts an open approach, looking for positive change, then sometimes the universe helps out a bit. Things happen that we could have never envisioned before.

Because maybe you’ll meet something on your way. Or someone. You didn’t expect it at all. You wouldn’t have been able to think it up before. It just happens. And in hindsight you think – glad it did! Because this new job or project suits you wonderfully well.

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